Course scheduler

Quarter: WI20

Input a list of courses you want to choose from, along with some preferences as to course scheduling, and we'll throw a quarter schedule your way!

Course selection

The courses Seascape should pick from


The desired properties of your course schedule

Desired units

How many units do you want to take this quarter?

Professor/course approval

How heavily should Seascape weigh professor and course approval when selecting classes? Like other priority values, your answers should range from 0 to 100.

Expected grade

What is the minimum quarter GPA you'd be happy with? How much better or worse do you do academically than the average UCSD student? And how much should Seascape weigh expected grades into its calculations?

Class location

Seascape will try to schedule such that all your classes are walkable in time. Do you care? And do you have a maximum walking distance?

Course date/time selection

When do you want to have your classes?

Each day corresponds to a text box; acceptable times should be input in the corresponding day's text box. If no time is input, Seascape will try to not schedule anything on that day. A range of times should be a start time, a hyphen (no space in between times!), and an end time. If you have multiple ranges of times, separate them with commas (no space in between ranges!).

For example, if I wanted classes on Monday from 2-4pm and 6-8pm, I'd type the following in the box next to Monday: 2pm-4pm,6pm-8pm

Completely empty input will be interpreted as no preference.

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